Welcome to the Mosaic page!
In the last few years, some have tried to say that mosaic tiling is off trend….we beg to differ!

Our mosaic collection from Original Style is quite simply outstanding. We are not exaggerating, take a look at the brochure link below and you will see what we mean!

The collection takes every type of tiling material imaginable and turns it into a mosaic. We have glass mosaics, stone mosaics, pebble mosaics, ceramic mosaics, stainless steel mosaics, aluminium mosaics, copper mosaics, stained glass mosaics, mother of pearl mosaics, wood mosaics, bamboo mosaics, coconut mosaics and even 24 carat gold leaf mosaics. See, told you we weren’t exaggerating!

Mosaic tiling is a timeless art form which has been used since ancient times.

As with all art forms, it takes years of training and experience to learn how to create the perfect mosaic look. Original Style gives us a head start with their jaw dropping collection but our Contract Team has to be at the top of their game to understand the intricacies of working with such a varied collection of materials and create an impeccably intricate piece of tiling.
We are very proud of our talented team!

CLICK HERE to download the Original Style Mosaic brochure.

CLICK HERE to have a look at our recent contracts gallery. The gallery will give you an idea of the quality of our handywork.